Friday, 3 April 2015

Jessica's journal (China Class)

Queen Sardine
Queen Sardine is a book about a cat that can talk.
It is set in a normal every day place.
Ivy really wants a pet but her mum said no.  One day she gets a big shock when a cat splashes into her bath!
The cat is magic!  She can talk, she likes to be called Queen Sardine.  She is a bit bossy.
She needs Ivy's help because her owners have a monster living with them.
She wants to live with Ivy until they can get rid of the monster but they can't let Ivy's mum know Queen Sardine is staying, so it's a big secret.

The 13th Fairy
I enjoyed this book, some bits were really fun, but I felt sad people were mean to Grimbleshanks for being different.
It was like a fairy tale but not like the normal ones, I really liked it being different.
Boys and girls would both like this book.
The book starts by telling you all about Grimbleshanks.  It has good describing words.  It has a good start, middle and end.  It makes sense.
It is set in a make believe world.  The author describes it so well, I can picture it in my head as I read the book.
I like how different the characters are.  Even though it is a fairy tale, they are like real people.
I feel sorry for Grimbleshanks, the 12 good fairies were really rude for not letting her join in with them just because she isn't the same as them.
I think they bullied her a bit which makes me sad.
I would like to find out more about Grimbleshanks as I think she is very interesting.
Grimbleshanks is a good person even though she does bad things.  She does learn throughout the story to change her ways but deep down she will act that same way all the time she is treated unfairly by others.
The smaller characters are still interesting.  I really liked all of them, especially Big Bill Beaky.

I like how the author has written this book.  Grimbleshanks talks like I think she should, I imagine she has a grumpy voice! 

I like the pictures, the characters look how I imagine them in my head.  They add more excitement to the story.  I don't think I would like the story as much without the illustrations.  When I first saw the front cover it seemed a bit scary.  I thought it would be a story on witches.  Now I have read the story I think the front cover makes perfect sense.

I have really enjoyed this book.  It is my new favourite book.  I wish there were another two books - one about why Grimbleshanks behaves how she does and a second one that follows on from this.

I hope the 12 good fairies start being nicer to Grimbleshanks and that she learns to control her temper!

The Dragonsitter's Island
This book is about a boy called Eddie who is looking after dragons on his Uncle Morton's Scottish Island.

I found this book really different.  It was very unusual but really enjoyable.  It made me laugh, it made me worry.  I think it is a book for a boy as it is dragons and adventure and monsters.  This book stood out from other books I've read because of how it was set.  The book made sense in how it was written.  I like the storyline but wanted it to carry on with more detail.  The book is set in a real life setting but with a fantasy element.  The setting could be described more but I think the way the story has been written means it didn't really need it anyway.

I would have liked to know more about each character.  They are all believeable except the dragons and monster.  I would love to know more about Uncle Morton, he seems very interesting.  I would like to find out more about why he has dragons and why he was in Ulaanbaatar.  I would also like to know what lies in store for Eddie's mum and Gordon.

The book is all emails between Eddie and his Uncle Morton, I have never read a book like that before, it made it seem interesting.

I think children my age will like it.  The words are believeable and how people would talk anyway.

I would have liked there to be more pictures but I did like the ones that were in the book.  I liked how they sent each other pictures in their emails too.

When I looked at the cover I didn't think it would be a book I'd enjoy but I did.

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