Friday, 3 April 2015

Book reviews by Daniel (China Class)

The Dragonsitter's Island
I really enjoyed reading The Dragonsitter's Island because it was funny and had an unusual presentation style as it was written as an email conversation between Uncle Morton and Eddie.

The story is obviously a fantasy as it contains Dragons and the Loch Ness Monster but is written in a convincing way.  The plot had some good twists in it to keep the story interesting.

The characters are a mixture of realistic and fantasy.  The fantasy ones are my favourites, but Uncle Morton is very interesting as he has been on many epic voyages.

As the story is a series of emails the setting wasn't described in much detail.  However, this didn't affect the story.

The illustrations work well with the words to tell the story.  I think the pictures enhance the humour of the story.

If you like dragons the cover would make you want to read the book.  It's brightly coloured and the dragons look funny and a bit fierce.

As the book is emails there is no speech but it still seems realistic.  There are no complicated words to understand.

Chicken Mission
I really enjoyed Chicken Mission because it had funny, sad, happy, crazy and adventurous bits.  I like the way the author thought of using chickens instead of people.  I think the book is suitable for boys and girls.

There are laughs, excitement and very good cliff hangers all the way through the book but it all ends well for the chickens.

There are three main characters who get braver as you progress through the book.  There are lots of other characters who make the story complete.  You will want to read on to find out what the characters get up to.

The author changes well known phrases to make them animal related.  This is clever and comical.  The speech seems realistic if chickens could talk.

There are not many illstrations and you could read the story without them so they are an added extra but they fit in well with the story.

There is a cartoon chicken on the front cover doing karate and it makes you want to read the book because it looks funny.

There are lots of different settings, mainly real life places.  Each one is described in much detail to enable you to get a good image in your mind.

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