Friday, 3 April 2015

Book reviews by Luke (China Class)

Hairy Horror
I am really excited about the 2015 book awards and this is the first book I read.  It is about a big hairy spider called Tula who is made bigger by Anna's step brother Hal.  Anna at first is scared of Tula but Tula proves to be quite useful in the end.  Can you imagine living with a giant spider that does the house work?  I thought the book was quite good and I think Hal's lab it a bit like my room because it's messy

The Dragonsitter's Island
This story is about a boy called Edward Smith Pickle who visits his Uncle's island with his mum and sister Emily.  While he is there he looks after his uncle's dragons Ziggy and Arthur.  To start they have a problem when they can't let the dragons out because they have lost the key but once they find it the dragons start flying around.  Then the boat driver Mr McDougal accuses the dragons of killing his sheep but Edward knows it was someone or something else.  Edward then investigates and finds out the sheep thief is the Loch Ness Monster.  Edward tells his investigations to Mr McDougal but he doesn't believe Edward until he sees Nessie with his own eyes.  In fact, it's the dragons that save the day.  The book is written as emails between Edward and his uncle.  It's quite a short book and very easy to read.  The illustrations in the book are pretty good as you can see what the characters look like.

Queen Sardine
Queen Sardine is a book about a cat who tries to move in with a girl called Ivy.  It's a bit like my own cat Barney who did move in from next door.  Queen Sardine is a talking cat who asks Ivy to help her-she says there is a scary monster living with her.  The story tells how Queen Sardine gets Ivy and the neighbourhood cats to help defeat the monster.  The monster is in fact a puppy that has moved in with Queen Sardine and the Trotts.  Queen Sardine manages to train the monster pupppy and sadly for Ivy, Queen Sardine moves back home but not for all the time, Queen Sardine still visits Ivy as well.
I really enjoyed the book and certain parts made me laugh, like when Queen Sardine lands in the bath.  As I have a cat I can imagine how Queen Sardine would look when she's angry, wet or hapy as I see Barney do these things.
It was very exciting to meet the author and I have since read her next Queen Sardine book.

The 13th Fairy
The 13th Fairy is a book about Grimbleshanks the fairy.  All she really wants is to go to the Royal Christening but because she is different and doesn't like all the pink girly stuff, she does not get invited.  The twelve good fairies make fun of her which makes her sad.  She has a friend called Bill the crow who she shares things with.  As she doesn't get invited, she curses the new baby, Beauty!
This book is basically Sleeping Beauty but told by the fairy herself, it was a really terrible mistake and she did not mean it to happen.  I liked this book as it was a fun way to look at the story of Sleeping Beauty.  I didn't think I would enjoy a book about a fairy but I actually really enjoyed it.  This would not normally be a book I would choose to read because of the title but because it was a book awards book it made me try something different.

Chicken Mission
This book is about a young chicken called Amy.  Amy likes wrestling and gets invited to Kung-fu for Poultry (KFP).  There she meets some other friends called Boo and Ruth, together they go out on a mission to stop the Yeti.  After that, they complete KFP and become Professor Rooster's elite chicken squad.  On becoming the elite chicken squad Amy, Boo and Ruth must fight and defeat some of the most wanted villians and most of all Thaddeus.E.Fox.
I really enjoyed this book as I like kung-fu and ninjas, although it was a bit weird that it was about kung-fu ninja chickens!
My favourite part was when Thaddeus.E.Fox and snooty fox were arguing over how many times they were spanked by Bertram Fox William Spanker.

General Thoughts
I have loved the amazing opportunity China Class have had being involved in the book awards.  I have read books and authors that I would not normally pick off the shelf in the library.  All the books have been exciting but my vote would go to.......................(top secret!)

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