Friday, 3 April 2015

Decio's journal (China Class)

All of the children were encouraged to keep a journal about the book awards books.  Here are some extracts from Decio's:

I am very excited!  I’m reading Chicken Mission.

I found Chicken Mission very funny (ha ha ha!)  Reading the book makes me feel like I’m in the book.

IT’S……..fantastic, amazing, mind blowing, out of this world, spectacular, magnificent.

Now I’m going to move to The Dragonsitter’s Island

I bet it’s going to be good.

Hairy Horror

There was a hairy spider and it was very big.

The spider got into trouble and someone called the police!

Queen sardineThere was a bully in the book.The cat was a queen of her home.Mrs Trott speaks all the time.  Mr Trott is mean.I like the dream about the monster.The book is really cute.
The 13th Fairy

Bill is really nice.
Who would want to put someone to sleep?

Why punish Beauty when who you really should punish is the fairies?
Do you think Grimbleshanks did the curse?  She could have covered the evidence with a blanket.  Do you think that too?

I’ve finished all the books!  I’m voting for…………………………………(it’s a secret!)

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