Thursday, 27 March 2014

Sian Pattenden's visit to The Dawnay School

Last Thursday, Sian Pattenden paid a visit to Hedgehogs Class at The Dawnay School. She told us all about how she became a writer and introduced us to the Seven Steps to Story Success (there might have been eight but for the purposes of alliteration, we'll stick to seven).

She and the children then created, bit by bit, starting with his head and working our way down to his feet, our Superhero, with springs on his boots, VERY strong hair and a cape that may or may not lead him into trouble.

Sian then showed the children some magic tricks. She did not make anyone disappear, nor did she saw any children in half but Daniel did channel the magic force so enthusiastically we feared he might explode!

Happily, he didn't and Hedgehogs Class were very impressed with Sian's tricks.

We finished the session with the same number of children as when we started (which is always a good thing) and everyone was keen to write stories featuring the superhero they had created, who may have been called Captain Rubbish, or perhaps Fred.

So, all that is left to say is a big THANK YOU to Sian for a great session and to Surrey Libraries for arranging it all.

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  1. It sounds like you had a lot of fun creating your superhero with Sian. Gary