Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The 13th Fairy

Grimbleshanks is going on trial in China Class tomorrow. 

She is charged with attempted murder. 

Will she be found guilty or innocent?


Currently we have lawyers in China Class working on the case.

Lawyers for the defence believe she is innocent and simply a misunderstood person. She did after all take in a poor old homeless crow, so she can't be all bad. They are preparing their witnesses for giving evidence, including Bill, Mrs Tripe and the lady who works at the Post Office.

Prosecuting lawyers however believe she is a witch (just look at her!) who fully intended to kill Beauty and have witnesses they believe will prove it including the Captain of the Guard and two of the Good Fairies.

What do you think? Guilty or innocent?

We will let you know the jury's verdict once the trial is completed tomorrow!

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