Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Queen Sardine

China Class had a visit from Kate Willis-Crowley on Tuesday 17th March and they were all really inspired.  Kate showed us how she generates her ideas and she gave the children a challenge to create an expressive face with a set number of lines.

Here are the children's comments following her wonderful visit:

My favourite part was when we drew a picture.

I really was happy because I learnt a lot.
I learnt a lot about how to write a story.

I learnt a lot about authors.

I felt like I could write a book.
My favourite part was when we did the beginning, middle and end.

I loved it when we did the pictures.
I feel really lucky because probably no-one else would have had Kate in their class and we have enjoying her book.

I feel lucky because no other class did what we did with Kate.
My favourite part was when we were doing some illustrating on our paper.

l learnt more about
I was really inspired by Kate because she told us a lot about books.

I was over the moon because I have never seen her before.

I learnt a lot about how to write books and I was really excited about Kate coming.
I felt happy about Kate coming.

It was a great experience to see a book awards author and she is a very imaginative writer.
I felt over the moon because I learnt more about authors.

I just felt I was writing it all by myself in my head and it was really fun because I’ve never seen a real life author before.
I was just literally amazed to see the real life author of Queen Sardine.

I felt inspired about what it is like to be an author and it gave me more confidence to write books.
Last time when I tried to write a book I was struggling a lot but now Kate has visited, I know what to do to write my book.

I felt really happy because I have learnt more to write a story.
I was really joyful when we were doing the drawings.
When I was doing my picture she was really kind to me.

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