Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Children's Book Award 2015

Introducing the Children's Book Award 2015 working group (from left to right) Tom Batten,
Carol Hales, Jenny Gordon and Gary Green.

Here's what they had to say about their favourite books on the shortlist.

"My favourite book is The Dragonsitter's Island. I love the clever way that the story is told through the emails and that the illustrations are photo attachments. And I think it would be quite fun to look after a couple of friendly dragons!" - Carol

"I loved reading Hairy Horror despite the fact that, like the Anna in the story, I'm very scared of spiders! I think it would be great to have a big brother like Hal, and I'm sure he could invent some wonderful things to liven up my life." - Anna

"My favourite book is Queen Sardine. I love cats and have a ginger and white one of my own, who like fish (and hates dogs) as much as Queen Sardine, but unfortunately he can't talk! I wonder what he'd say about her? I'm sure he'd be very happy living with kind-hearted Ivy, as long as he could sleep on her bed all day!" - Jenny

"The 13th Fairy is my favourite book from the shortlist, because of Grimbleshanks' pet crow Bill, and his laid-back attitude to life. I'd love to join the Old Bill Beaky Band and write some songs for them! Perhaps we could perform at Princess Beauty's wedding?" - Gary

"Chicken Mission was my favourite book. An imaginative adventure that put me in mind of Aardman Animations, I'd love to know what exploits Amy, Ruth and Boo embark on next! Best of all the book doesn't shy away from a good pun!" - Tom


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  1. I loved Hairy Horror - I want my own house working spider!