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St John`s CofE Community School Years 3 and 4 Blog


My name is Brijo and I am reading The Magical Peppers.
I am in Year 3. I like reading about all the magic tricks and our class even tried the` make the paper chain bigger` one.
I like Uncle Potty he thinks he is really good at magic but sometimes they don't always work out well. I have also tried some at home but they all went wrong.

I am  Kyla I am also in Year 3 Seal`s class. I love the Magical Peppers and The Great Vanishing Act because I love the characters acting out their magic tricks. Uncle Potty is my favourite character  as he seems really silly.

My Book Review of The Magical Peppers and The Great Vanishing Act by Ashley.

This book was so funny I almost fell out of bed laughing. If I was in the kitchen I would have smashed at least 2 glasses but lucky I wasn`t in the kitchen I was tucked up in bed. I almost knocked over my drink that was beside my bed. OOPS!! I give this book a  5 out of 5.

By Charlie aged 8 in Year 3.

I`m reading the book The magical Peppers and the Island of invention. This is my most favourite book yet. I love this book because it is written by Sian Pattenden and it contains so many tricks. I give this book 10 out of 10 stars.

In year 3 we designed new book covers and vote for me posters.



The day Sian Pattenden visited Year 4 at St John`s.

Year 4 reading some of the books in the competition.

Sian Pattenden doing a magic trick with Year 4 pupils.
Sian Pattenden helped us create our own special superhero.

Year 4 have drawn the book covers of their favourite stories and have written the following book reviews.

The Magical Peppers.
This book is about two kids and an uncle named Potty. All of them are magicians. One day they get asked to show the Queen some magic. They had to make the crystal skull disappear. The kids names are Esme and Monty. I like this book because you never know what`s going to happen next.
By Daniel aged 9.
The Magical Peppers.
The Magical peppers is a very good book. The characters are Potty, Monty and Esme. Uncle Potty gets asked to perform a magic trick in front of the Queen and Potty is very scared. he started practising for the show and he loses the crystal skull. Potty gets arrested and Monty and Esme finds a tunnel.
My favourite character is potty because he is funny.
By Jessie aged 8.
My Funny Family Gets Bigger.
This book is about a 9 and half year old girl called Mattie who has a little brother called Stan. Stan loves reading because he is very good at it but his sister V is not, so she was very jealous of him and got so annoyed with Stan because of all his boasting. So the next day their Nan goes out with V and buys her some new glasses and a new book for her to read with her new glasses and she was very good. At the end of the story their Mum had a baby boy and they wanted to call him Jesus as he was born on Christmas day but in the end the they called him William.
My favourite character was V because she was funny.
I really liked this book because it explained how they looked and what they felt like.
By Rebecca aged 9
Claude In The Spotlight.
This book is about when Claude and Sir Bobbly Sock wake up early one morning and start an adventure by going one morning and start an adventure by going to the theatre and performing with a group he met that day.
I like this book because Claude has a friend and its a sock, also he was really funny when he said "I need my beauty spot and I feel my hands coming on".
I don`t dislike anything about it because it`s fun when Claude does tap dancing.
The characters are Claude(the dog), Sir Bobbly sock( the socks), Mr and Mrs Shiny Shoes(the dogs owners), the children(that Claude met that day) and Miss Highkick Spin(the dance teacher).
By Lily aged 8


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