Monday, 13 January 2014

Our Favourite Books

Here are some comments from library staff about the books in the award. Let us know what your favourite is.

"My favourite on the shortlist is 'Oliver Fibbs: Attack of the alien brain', because I really liked Oliver's imaginative story telling and how his class enjoyed it so much. Also the book was very funny, so funny I nearly fell out of bed laughing!" (Jenny)

 "My favourite book is 'The No. 1 Car Spotter and the Car Thieves'. I love this book for its thrilling fast paced story line as well its ability to conjure up colourful images of another country and its culture!" (Annabel)

"My favourite book is 'Claude in the Spotlight.' I love the illustrations, especially the expressions on Claude's face. But the main thing that I love about the book is Sir Bobblysock - he is such a nervous and anxious character, but still follows his friend Claude into his adventure!" (Carol)

"My favourite book in the award is 'The Magical Peppers and the Great Vanishing Act.' I really enjoyed the story and the magic tips in the book too. It's funny and, even though I didn't almost fall out of bed laughing (like Jenny), I'm sure I felt myself levitating at one point. Was that the power of Uncle Potty's magic?" (Gary)

" Out of all 5 of the short listed books my favourite was 'My Funny Family Gets Bigger.' I really got to like Mattie and her crazy but lovable family at Christmas time. Mattie's idea of giving her siblings a pet rock for Christmas was genius and naming it 'Petroc' was inspired!" (Amina)

Now it's your turn to tell us which one is your favourite and why you like it. We can't wait to see what you think too!



  1. I liked Oliver Fibbs because it was exciting. I enjoyed thinking about the fibbs I would tell. (Jessica, Larch class, Weyfield Primary Academy)

    1. We are really pleased you liked Oliver Fibbs, Jessica. Thank you for sharing your comment. :-)